PDC offers an array of converting disciplines, each with it’s own unique value based on the specifics of the application; materials, tolerances and other considerations. We continue to lead the industry with a complete suite of converting systems and competencies.

• High speed, Tight tolerance Rotary Die Cutting
Up to 200”/min, at +/- .002” tolerance

• Optically Registered Stamping
• Laser cutting on Rotary web
(X, Y and Theta Axis, tolerances to +/- 0005”)

• Precision Slitting

• Flexographic / Functional printing using UV or Water- based inks

• Multi-Layer Laminations (bubble, wrinkle-free)

• Final component packaging


High Speed, Tight Tolerance Rotary Die Cutting Up to 200” per minute at =/- .002” tolerance

X, Y and Thera Axis Optical Cutting Tolerances to .001” or better

Precise feature roll to roll Laser Cutting on a Servo controlled Rotary machine.

Automated Final component pouching Value add custom assembly and packaging.