PDC helps OEM companies develop and manufacture components or devices that serve as diagnostic solutions for the detection or management of diseases at the point of care. We seek to leverage our experience to aid in the rapid development & smart converting of materials used in the diagnostic space.

We have a long-standing global presence in the Lateral flow space and the Glucose space (test strips/monitoring devices). Please contact us to discuss how we can assist with the production of your near-patient test device.

  • Lateral Flow – backing / multi-layer lamination
  • Glucose Test strip components
  • Microfluidics – multi-layer stack with ports
  • Lab on a Chip - Etched Components
  • Cover Tapes
  • Heat sealable Foil Seals / Lidding
  • Converted membranes
  • Monitoring Sensors
  • Micro titer Covers with Adhesive Free zones
  • Surface treatments – Hydrophilic / Hydrophobic


High Speed, Tight Tolerance Rotary Die Cutting Up to 200” per minute at =/- .002” tolerance

X, Y and Thera Axis Optical Cutting Tolerances to .001” or better

Precise feature roll to roll Laser Cutting on a Servo controlled Rotary machine.

Automated Final component pouching Value add custom assembly and packaging.